Join the AAREA Team

Freedom of Choice

As an independent contractor, you can set your own hours and work from your location of choice. Your existing clients remain your clients. You will have access to AAREA client capital to fund loans. However, we don’t limit you to only using AAREA capital to complete deals – if there is a better fit lender you can choose to place the file outside of AAREA.

Our Team Culture

Working in isolation impedes brokers from achieving the extraordinary results that working with a team can produce. Joining the team at AAREA will allow you to collaborate with experts in the private mortgage industry and access our back office support. We are an entrepreneurial firm that supports team member growth by leveraging our deep knowledge pool and strategic resources.

Support with your career

As regulations become more onerous, it is vital that brokers are ready to compete in an ever-changing professional landscape. We are constantly evolving to create more value for clients through unique front stage and backstage processes that are compliant with changing regulations.

As part of the AAREA team you will have back office support from day one, including: preparation of disclosures, record keeping and electronic commission payments within 3 business days of closing. You will also have access to full service mortgage administration for private investors.

Pre Filled Dealflow Pipeline

Do you thrive on working the file as opposed to getting the file? If Business Development isn’t your unique ability, we have opportunities for Broker Processors to work the pre filled deal flow pipeline. Process the deals that come into the AAREA pipeline and let us focus on the marketing and business development.

We offer you contract of choice

Few understand the unique challenges that face brokers. Fewer still know how to meet those challenges and thrive. We can assist with a range of solutions uniquely designed to make your life as a broker simpler – helping you to work smarter – so you can thrive.

We help create a succession plan for you

The Brokerage industry can have a short term mentality, quarter over quarter, year over year. What about the long term? A unique succession plan has been designed to provide a solution to the question: “What do I do when I am ready to exit the industry?” Our model allows for a full transfer of the block of business to an agreed successor with defined formulas as to a payout methodology.

Ethics and Transparency

AAREA abides by the CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. Our core values are: Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Confidentiality and Client Interests First. Over the years we have won clients through our dedication to putting their interests above our own and our unique processes to curating and serving mortgage portfolios.

Is AAREA the right fit for you?

AAREA is a place for talented mortgage investment professionals that are excited to be part of the journey and are passionate about their work. If you thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and are committed to providing a superior client experience, call us today.

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