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Private Debt

Real Estate Debt is a solution for investors seeking dependable sources of income.

One of the attractions of investing in a mortgage or debt structure is the increased certainty in investment returns, while benefiting from the capital protection offered by the equity.

As banks have retreated from providing real estate debt, alternative lenders have a focus on providing financing to new borrowers secured against residential and commercial real estate in Canada.

Private and junior debt is becoming more mainstream. The real estate finance market has fundamentally changed post 2008 and we believe that alternative capital to traditional debt and equity will have a long term role to play in the real estate capital markets.

For more information, download our Investors Guide:
Private Debt

Mortgage Administration

AAREA provides mortgage administration services on loan portfolios secured by mortgages on real properties in Canada.

AAREA provides a wide range of services to Canadian lenders such as private individual lenders, foundations, lending companies and mortgage investment corporations. These include:

  1. processing payments electronically and arranging for them to be directed to the lender’s account,
  2. following up on late or NSF payments,
  3. arranging for renewals and discharges of mortgages,
  4. ascertaining that all taxes, insurance premiums and other payments have been made on a timely basis,
  5. maintaining records pertaining to the loan documents, payments and other activities, and periodically sending reports to the lender,
  6. providing optional trustee services to maintain a lender’s privacy, and
  7. on a best efforts basis, providing a secondary market for private mortgages, including special situation loans.

AAREA is sometimes required to perform special services in respect of mortgage loans in default, such as making demands on defaulted loans, renegotiating loan terms, initiating legal proceedings or foreclosure/power of sale actions, taking possession and managing the property pending its sale.
AAREA engages independent Canadian service providers (e.g. lawyer, real estate broker, manager) to do so, as permitted under its mortgage-servicing contracts.

AAREA provides a valuable solution to private mortgage lenders who are currently self-administering. If you are self-administering we can free up your valuable time and manage the portfolio professionally and in accordance with provincial laws. If you have an in house administrator, talk to us about how we can save you money. Call us today to find out how we can save you time and money on the administration of your loan portfolio.

Real Estate Consulting

AAREA provides clients with comprehensive advice on real estate acquisitions, dispositions and capital structure.

Our team of consultants come with broad industry experience across asset classes and disciplines. Most of our consultants have at least 20 years of real estate experience including experience at public real estate companies, private equity firms, pension fund advisors, and government agencies.

We are here to not only help with your next real estate transaction but to help you grow your business. Outsource your due diligence and consulting requirements to industry experts.

For more information, download our consulting service offering: Due Diligence

Mortgage Brokers

As an independent private brokerage and mortgage administrator we place great value on long-term, uncomplicated relationships and partnerships that are characterised by respect, trust and reliability. Our aim is to give you suitable solutions and comprehensive advice. We think and act as entrepreneurs and it is within our tradition to be innovative and present applicable solutions.


About aarea

Alpha August Real Estate Advisory (αarea) is a private equity real estate firm, providing real estate debt and equity investments to accredited individuals, families and select institutions. We seek to invest in high-quality real estate through mortgages and direct ownership. We offer fully-customized segregated accounts for each client. We also provide outsourced loan administration services as well as real estate consulting services.

The team at αarea includes a small, passionate group of professionals with industry experience covering real estate, capital markets, banking, private equity, and administration.
We believe that people should have access to investments that grow their wealth in a consistent and stable manner without taking on unnecessary risk or paying expensive management fees.
An essential part of our corporate culture and our beliefs is making a long term and sustainable contribution to generating value in our clients’ investment portfolios. Click here for more information.

Every day, we strive to live up to the promise of our
“passion for private real estate markets.”


The Leadership Team

Advisory Board

Gordon Casey

CEO The Brave Organisation

Jay Gangnes

CFP, CLU, CCS Ocean 6

Jon Zwickel

Principal, InnVentures Hospitality Corp.

Vanessa Carpenter

Technology Experience Designer at IdemoLab, DELTA


  • Steve M. - Vancouver

    “You really get it. You are great at asking questions in order to thoroughly understand our goals. Your consistent follow-through and quality mortgage opportunities has enabled us to grow our portfolio.”

  • Jason L. - Toronto

    “I measure the value of any advisor based on how well his or her recommendations age over time— AAREA’s have certainly exceeded my expectations. My sincere thanks.”

  • Leslie A. - Burnaby

    Shannon walked me through every step of mortgage investing and listened to all of my concerns. She created a plan based on my family’s unique circumstances and has followed through on that plan. We really enjoy working with Shannon and the AAREA team and would recommend them without hesitation.

  • Tony B. - Toronto

    AAREA doesn´t just come through; they bring added value every step of the way. Their personable yet professional approach makes them an easy choice and a pleasure to work with.

  • Peter N. - Vancouver

    The team at AAREA has the requisite knowledge of and connections in the real estate industry to bring out the best in our portfolio.

  • Andrew and Sarah C. - Vancouver

    AAREA gave us some great ideas and recommendations that we had not considered. Even before they had brought us a single mortgage investment we knew that this was the kind of team with which we wanted to do long-term business.



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